It’s no secret that the most productive, efficient and successful workplaces stem from environments where safety is key. Organisations who prioritise and thoroughly plan their work health and safety (WHS) management plan get results and keep staff morale at an all-time high. But the cost of a failed WHS plan can not only place staff in high-risk situations, but the consequences can be far reaching.

A recent Safe Work Australia report uncovered that by avoiding productivity losses and costs from work-related injuries or illnesses, Australia’s economy would be $28.6 billion larger each year*. It’s clear that it is not just the employee and their community that hurts when a work-related injury or illness occurs, but our national workforce. With the most common workplace injuries caused by overexertion, tripping, slipping and falling, and being struck by objects*, breaches are still occurring, whether by the employees or employers. And with ever changing demands and environments, many businesses are needing to adapt to create effective and evolving WHS plans.

So, what are the new offerings available to support this process and provide real results? And what businesses are ready to showcase their newest solutions?

Brisbane’s premier event, Intermodal Australia, will feature leaders and businesses in the field of transport and logistics, and showcase state-of the art technology. With elements focussing on WHS, topics of connecting, designing and implementing future supply chain efficiencies will be on the table and the event’s large exhibition space and Intermodal Speaker Program will provide practical industry insights.

Products like low costing, high viz pallets made from lightweight materials will be on display, showcasing modern developments on warehouse efficiency, as well as discussions on reducing time spent double handling stock and inventory.

With more than 600,000 employees across the Australian transport and logistics sector, this event gives exhibitors the chance to connect with potential growth opportunities while cementing and informing existing relationships. While there has been such improvements and reduction in the amount and severity of work-related injuries and illness, the impact is still significant, and the Intermodal Australia will be a platform to look at future proofing the industry.

Are you a company who supplies products and services to the supply chain and would like to feature at this large, inaugural event?

Indoor and outdoor space is available, all on hardstand. Incentives apply for exhibitors who can present working displays or demonstrations of machinery and/or products.

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*Safe Work Australia Report – Safer, healthier, wealthier: The economic value of reducing work-related injuries and illnesses – technical report

*Safe Work Australia – WHS duties and managing risks