The easy acceptance of e-commerce which is often referred to as the ‘Amazon Effect’ has forced distribution centres to rethink their freight options.

The consumer is driving demand and with that heightened demand has come the desire for fast, free shipping and the option to return the goods if they do not match expectations. This has created demanding delivery schedules and that demand is pushing traditional logistics and freight forwarders to move faster towards complete digitalisation.

All logistic companies have an interest in digitalisation because they must improve efficiencies to remain competitive in this booming on line shopping market place because customers are demanding prompt and secure deliveries.

When selecting the mode of transport, logistic companies need to mix and match the different freight options so as to suit the products they are moving. At the same time they need to be able to ensure deadlines are met and the best possible options are used.

Automated systems are less likely to make mistakes like their human counterparts and additional benefits start to emerge like superior parcel tracking, better security and access to the very best rates. 

Intermodal Australia will showcase the very latest technology and different freight options from product storage to packaging to loading and despatch. In this fast paced environment it is vital for companies of all shapes and sizes to revaluate what they are doing and have the opportunity to meet the people and the companies who can help them change for better efficiencies and increased savings.

The emergence of digital freight forwarders has made things easier for those considering logistics solutions. Established digital platforms are able to link shippers and carriers thereby simplifying the relationship between them and removing the middle man. This speeds up the delivery process and cuts costs.

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