Air freight is quick and secure but no matter what you are sending the weight and the overall size of the package are equally as important as each other. Major airlines are keen to educate customers on how airfreight is charged and how they can better package their freight to minimise cost.

Freight forwarders are keen to use all available space they have so the more space you take up the more you pay. All modes of transport for freight whether it be air, rail, road or sea are on the same track and that is why businesses are looking closely at how they can best package up their products for despatch.

The durability of the packaging along with the weight and composition of the materials used through to the adaptability and flexibility of the packaging are all important considerations.

There is also a move to encourage companies to switch to eco-friendly packaging. Recycled, reusable, biodegradable and compostable options are now on the radar because of the sheer volume and the huge variety of product that is being moved.  

Intermodal Australia is a new event for Queensland and Australia where all options will be showcased. Businesses leaders are looking for new ways to package and send freight to deliver better and more efficient options for their clients. This event will uncover those options.

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